Health Care

Health Care

At Dogdayz we make health care an essential part of every day. Every guest benefits from our daily one-on-one health check and weekly monitoring by our visiting Vet.

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Constant Attention

Our trained staff are alert to the health needs of your dog. Our hands-on daily health assessment includes a top-to-tail check : eyes, ears, body, limbs & paws. Minor issues are treated and monitored.

Veterinary Supervision

At each site, an appointed local Vet sees all guests every week – our chance to refer issues requiring a vet’s opinion. We also consult with and refer to you and your own Vet as necessary.

Special Needs

At Dogdayz, we don’t turn away from dogs that need special care. Our experienced staff will provide the professional attention required. This may include : blindness/deafness, diabetes, epilepsy, post-surgery or just the effects of old age.

Quality of life

Dogs with disabilities can still enjoy their lives and enhance ours. At Dogdayz, Georgie looked after Tigger, Tigger looked after Georgie, and we looked after them both. A privilege.

Why choose Dogdayz when it comes to minding your dog?

Leaving your dog with somebody else is an act of trust. Our commitment is to be in every way worthy of that trust, making your dog’s holiday safe and truly memorable. We invite you to consider The Dogdayz Experience.

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Our clients say…


“We settled on The Lodge, which is a plush room with 2 beds, a TV, radio & their own yard…The staff made him a wide step up ramp so he could get up & down as he pleased. This was the kind of special care you want for your babies. My husband & I can only sing the praises of Dogdayz Country Club. Thankyou for giving us piece of mind so we could enjoy our break!”

Bec & Andrew C


“We always take our Staffy Kyza to Dogdayz in Warrandyte and he has always been taken care of brilliantly. He is an older staffy who tends to get a bit anxious when it becomes apparent we are going away but he bounds up to David each and every time we arrive and comes home happy and healthy…Couldn’t recommended it highly enough!”

Bryony T

Mojo & Nellie

“Picked up our two dogs Mojo and Nellie from their weeks stay at Dogdayz Silvan earlier today. They were happy, excited to see us and sounded like they had a great time. Even making sure that Mojo got to play in the fake grass enclose as he has allergies to certain grasses! Now both at home, curled up next to me fast asleep. Thank you for caring for our pooches. xxx”

Wendy J

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Contact us via email or phone, also to arrange an inspection tour for you and your dogs.


77 Tills Drive, Warrandyte VIC, 3113 9844 3292

Toolern Vale

1395 Holden Rd, Toolern Vale VIC 3337 9746 1422


161 Monbulk-Seville Rd, Silvan VIC 3795 9737 9530

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