A Close Call for Brian

A Close Call for Brian

Brian is a regular guest at Dogdayz Warrandyte, and there’s no doubt about it – he is lucky to be alive!

When he recently visited us his owner shared a harrowing tail of a near miss, the result of eating three times the lethal dose of snail bait (a well-known brand marketed as ‘eco-friendly’). Quick action and successful stomach pumping saved the day, and Brian’s family are very grateful to the Staff and Vets at Greencross Ringwood (“they were just marvellous”).

Another case comes to mind – a curious Cavoodle that visited her grandparents and ended up in hospital for two days after eating snail bait sprinkled around their veggie patch. Happily she also survived as she was caught in the act and taken to the Vet within a few minutes for treatment. Not all are so lucky.

As we come into Spring and people get to work in their gardens it’s a timely reminder for us all – mouse/rat poisons, snail bait (‘eco-friendly’ or otherwise), and pesticides are absolutely toxic to our very precious dogs.

Take great care to store poisons, baits and chemicals safely and securely at all times.