A Day in the Life of Your Pooch at Dogdayz

Imagine a place where your dog receives healthy meals, enjoys endless playtime with other dogs, and relaxes in cosy quarters. Welcome to Dogdayz, where every day is a tail-wagging adventure for your beloved pet!
Read on to find out more about your dog’s experience on a typical day at Dogdayz.

A Variety of Play Areas: Endless Adventures

Let’s start with outdoor adventures! Our play areas are a dog’s paradise. From secure grassed yards where your dog can romp around with other dogs, to fenced orchards and gardens, where they can roam more freely, your dog’s day will never be dull. And for those hot days, there are wading pools available for a refreshing splash. Variety is the spice of life, and we offer it in abundance. (Check out your closest Dogdayz to see what the surroundings and facilities are like at its location.)

Playtime Galore: Socialising and Exercising

Want to play? Playtime is the highlight of every dog’s day, and there’s plenty of it at Dogdayz. Our spacious play areas are designed to allow dogs to be dogs, and what makes playtime even more special is that dogs are carefully matched with buddies of similar size and temperament, ensuring they are playing safety, and creating bonds that can last a lifetime.


Social interaction is not only fun; it’s essential for your dog’s development. It helps improve their social skills, making them more comfortable around other dogs and humans. It’s also an excellent companion to obedience training, as they learn to follow commands while having a blast.

Healthy Meals: Fueling Up for Fun

Your dog can expect a full belly at Dogdayz! We believe that a nutritious diet is the foundation for making a happy and active dog. Your dog’s day includes a delicious and healthy meal that provides the energy they need for their activities. Our professional staff members ensure that your dog’s dietary needs are met, and happily cater to individual preferences and special requirements.

Cosy Quarters: Kick Back in Luxury

After time spent frolicking and having fun, it’s time for some relaxation. Your dog deserves a cosy, comfortable space in which to unwind, and our quarters are designed with just that in mind. They’ll have a comfortable place to rest and recharge ready for the next day’s adventures, with bedding, blankets, heating and cooling included.

Sleeping Buddies: No Lonely Dogs

At Dogdayz, we know not all dogs are the same. That’s why we carefully match your pet with a buddy who shares their size and temperament at sleep time. This means your dog does not feel lonely overnight, and has a companion close. We find this calms dogs down, and makes for a better sleep. Of course, if your dog prefers their own space, we can accommodate them in our more private sleeping quarters (charges apply).

24/7 Supervision: Safety First

Your dog’s health and safety is our top priority, so they receive 24/7 supervision from qualified, professional staff who absolutely love dogs. You can rest easy knowing that your furry friend is in the best hands. Our staff members are trained to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for all our guests.

Social Interaction: A Vital Component

Social interaction is vital for your dog’s well-being. It helps them become well-rounded and confident pets. At Dogdayz, your dog will enjoy daily playtime with other dogs, making every day an opportunity to learn and grow. It’s not just play; it’s an essential part of their development. In addition, they will receive plenty of attention and affection from our staff. We know dogs thrive when their humans offer the hands-on care they need, and we’re here to do that when you can’t.

Health Checks and Vet Visits: Meeting Every Need

Your dog’s health is of paramount importance to us. We conduct daily health checks to ensure they’re happy and thriving. Should any health concerns arise, we have a close relationship with local veterinarians, and regular vet visits are available if required. Your dog’s well-being is our utmost concern.

In conclusion…

Every day for your beloved dog at Dogdayz is filled with activity and affection. From healthy meals to playful adventures, cosy quarters, and 24/7 supervision by passionate professionals, your pet will experience a day filled with joy and care. The carefully matched buddies, spacious play areas, and ample social interaction make every day an opportunity for growth and fun. And should any health concerns arise, rest assured we have the expertise and resources to provide immediate attention.


At Dogdayz, we believe in offering not just a dog boarding kennel service but a truly enriching experience for your dog. When your furry friend stays with us, they’ll return to you with a wagging tail, a happy heart, and unforgettable memories of their time in our care.