COVID-19 is a challenge for us all in so many ways – and for dog-owners, an additional challenge is how to adequately care for their dog during current lock-downs and work-from-home. Here are a few answers on the care and management of your dog while we wait for the coronavirus pandemic to pass.

Dogdayz continues to offer their essential services throughout the present coronavirus restrictions with full COVID-19 precautions and protocol.

Can my dog get Covid-19?

Short answer: NO. There are many viruses in the ‘corona’ family, often only mild in effect. Dogs can contract their own variation of a coronavirus but this does not lead to COVID-19. (World Health Organization: “There is no evidence that a dog, cat or any pet can transmit COVID-19. ) Check source here.

Can dogs transmit COVID-19 to humans?

While dogs are not carriers of the COVID-19 coronavirus there is some chance they may carry traces of the virus on their coats, collars etc.

As a precaution, wash or sanitise your hands after patting your dog and especially if others have been patting also. At Dogdayz we use veterinary-grade F10 viricidal disinfectant to lightly spray incoming dogs. (Yes, it is perfectly safe to use on dogs.)

Can I take my dog for a walk during a Coronavirus lock-down?

Current Government guidelines for control of the coronavirus outbreak allow outdoor exercise. For your own well-being and peace of mind you probably need to get out – and what better way than a walk with your dog? You will need to observe social distancing and avoid groups of people. Expect beaches and dog-parks to be closed.

And if you and your dog can’t get out as often as you both would like you might consider Dog Daycare. Read on…

Working from Home through COVID-19? Renovating or catching up on home chores?

Probably your dog is loving having you on hand 24/7 – but how is that working for you? You may need some time and space to work – and your dog may need some outdoor ‘dog’ time. Dogdayz is still providing all dogcare services: Dog day-care at just $30, also day-care plus grooming if required for animal welfare and short or long-term boarding of course.

The benefits of outdoor social activity during COVID-19 restrictions

Supervised outdoor social activity is central to our care for dogs at Dogdayz – both for the benefits of physical exercise and as a way to build positive behaviours and social skills – all under experienced supervision. During the current coronavirus shutdowns, getting out for extended full-on exercise will have enhanced importance as a way to maintain your dog’s mental equilibrium, leaving your dog pleasantly tired and relaxed when back at home.

Transport to or from Dogdayz

We can pick-up and drop off to any part of Melbourne, Monday to Saturday. Fees vary with travel time and distance. We offer a secure dog pet transport service to and from your home with full COVID-19 precautions and protocol.

Dogdayz offers its full range of dog boarding and daycare services at three locations across Melbourne. You can find your nearest Dogdayz here.