Dog Boredom Buster #3

Dog Boredom Buster #3

Boredom Buster #3


As we head towards the fifth week of the toughest COVID-19 restrictions in Australia it’s as important as ever to look after ourselves mentally and physically.


The same applies for our dogs – they need both physical and mental stimulation to remain relaxed and happy. And they may be finding the same routine a bit boring.


A simple activity to occupy curious dogs is to fill a kids wading pool with toys, or empty lunch containers, and then scatter some treats amongst them to be found. This is a great way to encourage them to use their noses, as well as familiarising them with common household noise and the sensation of touch around their bodies.


It is best to start with only a few toys or bottles in the pool, so that it is easy for the dog to find the treat and so that the noise of the objects moving around isn’t too scary. Help them by pointing to treats so that they have early success and are encouraged to continue looking.



Once they seem comfortable add a few more toys and help them to find the treats a little less so that they work harder for the reward.


Continue in this fashion until the wading pool is full and the dog is happily pushing its way through the objects to find the treats.


It is worth noting that this can be a noisy activity, so it’s not a great distraction for them if you are trying to get some work done! However it is a lot of fun, and a nice way to spend half an hour with your best friend when you both need to take a break!



And don’t forget – Dogdayz continues to offer essential care services including dog Daycare and dog Boarding during Stage 4 Restrictions. Get in touch if you need us.