Preparing Your Dog for a Positive Dog Minding Experience

Life gets busy and you may need to book your dog in for dog minding during the day, or over night. First-timers can find this to be unsettling, however the process needn’t be painful for either owner or pet. Dog minding can offer many benefits, including taking the pressure off owners to entertain their dog all day, and providing ample care, socialisation and stimulation for dogs.

Why dog minding is a good idea

As much as your dog loves being at home with you, most also thrive on being in new environments, around new people and dogs, and with access to plenty of daily activity. Even if you work from home, you might not be able to give your dog the level of activity it needs.

Ensuring your dog gets essentials like meals, water and rest is just the beginning – dog minders at a professional dog minding service will engage with your pet, and make sure they get plenty of exercise and social interaction with appropriately-matched dogs. This is a great training ground for your dog, who might not encounter many other dogs during the day if they stay at home.

In addition, using a dog minding service can take the pressure off you especially if you have a job, family, and all the other components of life that take up your time. When you use a dog minding service, you get a happy dog at the end of the day, who has already experienced a full day of activity.

You can still take them for a walk, but they aren’t relying solely on you for their entertainment, and this can be relieving.

On a final point, professional dog minding care staff provide around-the-clock supervision of your dog, and if any issues arise in regards to your dog’s health, they contact you promptly. Your dog is not missing out when they are away at a dog minding service!

How to prepare your dog for dog minding

Here’s a list of practical tips for ensuring your dog has the most positive experience possible when heading off to the dog kennels for the day or for a stay.

Familiarise Your Dog with the Environment:

It’s a wise idea to take your dog to the dog minding centre prior to their official stay, so that they can meet their hosts and get a little familiar with the new surroundings. This means that on the day you drop them off for their actual dog minding session, they will feel more comfortable in the setting.

Don’t expect your dog to adjust immediately to their new dog minding hosts. It takes time to build rapport and trust between your dog and its new day carer. So be calm and patient when they meet their host, and don’t expect miracles on the first meeting.

Positive Reinforcement:

For some starting at a dog minding centre is a big transition, which can bring out some challenging behaviours. A good way to work around this is to use positive reinforcement techniques to encourage good behaviour and reassure your dog during the transition. Also offer plenty of affection. Your hosts will be trained to do this, but you can do this too.

In addition, try to be upbeat when you drop off and collect your dog. They pick up on our energy, so the happier you can be about delivering them, the happier they will be.

Establish a Routine:

Whilst your dog doesn’t know what day of the week it is, they still benefit from some routine. Consistent times of day for feeding, exercise, play and rest all serve to keep your dog feeling secure and confident – dog minding centres maintain a routine so your dog will know what to expect after only a few visits. Let the dog minding host know if there are essential parts to your dog’s current routine (ie toileting or medication administration), so that they can match it as much as possible in their facility.

Stay Connected:

Checking in with your dog minding host periodically can alleviate any anxiety you may have about your dog being away. The host can let you know how your dog is settling in, and raise any concerns if they have them. And if you need to give the host additional instructions, don’t hesitate to do so. (Be mindful that they might not be able to respond immediately, as their priority is looking after the dogs!)

To conclude…

By following these practical tips and utilising positive reinforcement techniques, you can help your dog adjust to their new dog minding environment and ensure a smooth transition for the both of you.

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