French Bulldogs – Oh So Chic Right Now!

French Bulldogs – Oh So Chic Right Now!

You may have noticed a lot more French Bulldogs around town right now – in fact, they are closing in on Labradors as the most popular dog breed! Low on energy, compact in size and requiring little grooming make these funny little characters ideal pets. Here is all you need to know about French Bulldogs – Oh and we love having them around our daycare and dog kennels playing with all their friends.


Rhiannon, team member at Dogdayz Silvan and owner of Ally says “I love Frenchies because they are all so uniquely individual, loving and make for great companions!”


History of French Bulldogs

Early in the 1800’s, lacemakers in England worked long hours in mills and chose Toy Bulldogs as their companions, perhaps because of their compact size and affectionate nature. Around the middle of the 1800’s these lacemakers in England were being replaced by machines, and so set off to France, where hand making lace was still a valued skill. They brought along their Toy Bulldogs too, and in France these bred with local “ratters” (small short coated dogs known for catching vermin) – and the French Bulldog was born!


Physical characteristics of French Bulldogs

Small in size with muscular compact bodies, and short flat coats. Face is flat with large bat ears and an alert appearance. Usual weight range falls between 10 and 12kgs. Due to the structure of their faces Frenchies do not cope well in the heat, and should not be overexerted, though they should be walked regularly to maintain healthy weight.


Temperament of French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs are affectionate and alert, quite curious about the world around them and occasionally fiesty. Playful in short bursts followed by long rests! They love companions of both the human and canine variety, so will need to be allowed indoors to live among the family. And they are very loyal to their pack!


French Bulldog Grooming

Due to their short coat and small size, Frenchies are easy to groom, requiring regular brushing and occasional baths to maintain a healthy coat. It is always a good idea to get your puppies used to being handled from a young age, especially around the feet and nails to make nail trimming easier throughout their lives. Face wrinkles and ears will need cleaning to prevent infections, though nothing should ever be pushed down into the ear canal.


Intelligence of French Bulldogs

These are smart dogs that are curious about the world around them, so encouraging them to learn from an early age should be easy. They can be stubborn though, so training should be treated as a game and not a chore!


We love French Bulldogs at Dogdayz because of their great personalities – and they are always happy for a cuddle! We offer dog boarding for French Bulldogs all over Melbourne. Your French Bulldog will enjoy exercise daily and will be pampered with lots of pats and cuddles!


Get in touch with our friendly team to organise dog boarding or dog daycare for your French Bulldog.