Have a Very Yappy Christmas!

Have a Very Yappy Christmas!

With Christmas fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll enjoy it while being mindful of your dog’s needs. There are many ways you can involve your pet in the celebrations and keep it dog-friendly.


If you plan on travelling over Christmas time, it’s best to work out early on if your pooch will be coming with you. You might consider bringing it with you. If so, check if your accommodation is dog-friendly, and ensure that you understand the rules in place, as some holiday or caravan parks may have limits on animals being brought in. You might decide to kennel your dog pet instead, and it is important to find accommodation that you are both comfortable with. Be sure to arrange a visit with your dog prior to the stay to meet the staff and have a sniff around. A stay at Dogdayz Country Clubs will help ensure your dog has a stress-free and fun time being pampered by our staff.


Christmas trees
Christmas trees may look relatively harmless to us humans, but there can be many hidden dangers for pets. One major hazard is tinsel, which can become lodged in a dog’s intestines and block them, causing immense pain. Another is electric lighting, which could give your pet an electric shock (or worse) if bitten. Ornaments can be choking hazards, and some can create sharp shards if broken, which can also be a hazard for humans. Even objects such as wrapping paper can cause issues if ingested.


As Christmas is a time when many of us humans indulge in a wide variety of foods, your pooch may also decide it’s a great time to try and swipe a snack from the dining table. It’s a good idea to try your best to keep your Christmas goodies well out of reach of your pet, as foods such as chocolate, macadamia nuts and cooked bones should never be eaten by dogs. There are tonnes of recipes online for dog-appropriate treats, and if you’re confident enough in the kitchen, you could make them Christmas-themed with a few festive additions.


The holidays are a time to celebrate, and this year we would all like to welcome the new year like never before! While the City of Melbourne will not be hosting Fireworks this New Years Eve, there may be individuals that choose to include them in their own celebrations and this can make it a terrifying and stressful time for dogs. Ensure that your dog is safely secured throughout the evening and take their comfort into consideration – some dogs like to have a ‘cave’ to hide in, and this can be as simple as leaving a closet open or placing them in a crate. At Dogdayz our night caretaker staff will be on hand to ensure the safety and comfort of our guests, as always.


There are many ways you can create a fun time for your dog at Christmas. First of all, there’s no reason your pet should miss out on presents, such as toys, edible treats, comfy beds or chews. And finally, don’t forget to make some time to take your dog for a walk, play a game of fetch, or even just relax with you when the pressures of Christmas time are all over.


If you are planning on going away for the January holidays and you’d like your dog to have its own holiday, then make sure to book quickly with Dogdayz Country Clubs as places are limited.