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At Dogdayz, we understand that leaving your beloved dog in someone else’s care requires trust. That’s why we strive to be the best in the business when it comes to dog minding so that you can be certain your dog is safe. We’re committed to providing a secure and memorable holiday experience for your furry friend, ensuring their wellbeing and happiness throughout their stay.

Unparalleled Dog Boarding Kennels In Melbourne

When you entrust your dog to Dogdayz, you can rest assured that ours is a full-time commitment. We go above and beyond regular dog minding services to offer professional pet care around the clock, supervised social activities, ample exercise opportunities, and a secure environment at all times. Your dog will receive individualised attention each day of their stay, ensuring they feel loved and cared for. With experienced staff and regular veterinary consults, we prioritise your dog’s health and wellbeing. Plus, we can provide collection and delivery options for your convenience.

Conveniently Located Centres In Melbourne

With centres in the Eastern, Western, and Northern suburbs of Melbourne, Dogdayz has your dog boarding and dog day care needs covered. Our strategically located facilities mean that a reliable and safe stay for your dog is never too far away. Make the job of finding care for your dog easy by accessing our convenient services.

Passionate Staff Who Love Their Job

Caring for dogs isn’t just a job for us; it’s our passion! Our dedicated staff are professionally trained and truly love what they do. We treat every dog under our care as if they were our own, providing them with the attention, care, and affection they deserve. You may want to meet our team of dog lovers, who are committed to ensuring your dog has a wonderful time with us.

Safety And Comfort Guaranteed

At Dogdayz, we prioritise the safety and comfort of our furry guests. Our dog boarding and dog daycare facilities in Melbourne are designed to provide a secure environment at all times. Your dog will have access to clean and comfortable sleeping quarters. Additionally, our fully-fenced play spaces accommodate supervised socialisation and playtime, whilst allowing your dog ample room. We implement a ‘buddy system,’ pairing each guest with a suitable dog companion for comfort and companionship overnight. Rest assured, if you’re bringing two or more of your dogs to stay at one time, they’ll be kept together throughout their stay.

All-Weather Accommodations

Whether it’s winter or summer, we ensure your dog’s comfort. During the cold months, our dog accommodation is kept warm and snug, with heating used when needed. In the summer, our facility remains cool and refreshing, thanks to fans and ample airflow.

Tailored Pricing For Your Convenience

Pricing for our dog boarding kennels varies based on location. If you’re interested in our first-class facilities near you, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more information. We’ll be happy to provide you with details and answer any questions you may have.

Private Suites For Extra Luxury

For those seeking a touch of extra luxury, we offer private suites that provide the same high standard of care we offer to all our guests, with the addition of a private veranda and yard, giving your dog a more exclusive experience during their stay. It is the ideal accommodation for dogs who prefer a little peace and quiet.

Let Your Dog Be A Dog!

At Dogdayz, we believe in letting dogs be dogs! Our guests enjoy fully-supervised exercise sessions with friends of similar size and temperament, both in the mornings and afternoons. Unlike other dog kennels, social activity is a core part of our program, making us the best choice for doggy daycare and dog boarding in Melbourne. Your furry friend will have a blast socialising and making new furry friends!

Is Your Dog In Need Of Social Activity?

Our controlled social groups provide the perfect opportunity for your dog to engage in socialisation and practise their obedience and training skills with other dogs. It’s a wonderful way to enhance their development and give them the chance to enjoy playful interactions in a safe environment.

Exciting Outdoor Adventures

At our doggy daycare facilities, we provide outdoor play and adventure through secure grassed yards, orchards, gardens, and wading pools. More reserved dogs have the option to explore the garden quietly or take a nap on a cosy bed. We ensure that your dog’s time with us is filled with joy, fun, and plenty of opportunities to explore the great outdoors.

Save Time With Our Pet Transport Service

To further simplify your dog’s holiday experience, we offer a pet transport service that includes pick-up and drop-off from your home or business location to our pet accommodation. It’s an additional convenience we can provide to ensure that your dog’s transition to and from our facilities is smooth and hassle-free.

Why Choose Dogdayz For Dog Minding?

Finding the perfect dog sitter can be challenging. At Dogdayz, we aim to be worthy of your trust in every way. We are dedicated to providing the loving care and attention that will make your dog’s holiday experience safe, enjoyable, and truly memorable. Our reputation as one of Melbourne’s finest dog kennels speaks for itself, and we invite you to consider The Dogdayz Experience.

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