Your Trusted Destination for Dog Boarding in Melbourne!

Your Trusted Destination for Dog Boarding in Melbourne!

Looking for quality dog kennels near you? Look no further than Dogdayz. Whether you need a dog boarding kennel or day care, we’ve got Melbourne dog owners covered with professional dog minding services. Our conveniently located dog kennel facilities in the Eastern, Northern, and Western suburbs of Melbourne offer the very best in dog care. Read on to learn more.

City Dogs, Country Club

If you’ve been searching for a dog-minding service or dog boarding kennels in a convenient Melbourne location, Dogdayz is your answer. We understand that affordability is important to you, but you also want exceptional care and accommodation with ample space for outdoor play. That’s exactly what we offer at Dogdayz – a country environment within easy reach of metropolitan Melbourne. There’s a Dogdayz dog boarding kennel near you, ready to provide the care your furry friend deserves.

Happy, Safe, and Secure: Indoors and Outdoors, Day & Night

When it comes to security, safety, and professional care, Dogdayz stands out among dog kennels in Melbourne. We believe your dog deserves the best in dog boarding and daycare, which is why we combine first-class accommodation with outdoor activities and round-the-clock professional supervision. Whether it’s day or night, your dog will be in good hands at Dogdayz.

A Holiday for Your Dog

Dogs are social animals, and they thrive when they can meet and play with other dogs. It’s a natural way for them to build confidence, trust, and a sense of belonging. Even elderly dogs benefit from gentle social interaction with suitable companions. At Dogdayz dog kennels, we dedicate every morning and afternoon to adventure and outings with carefully selected playmates – all under professional supervision. Unlike other dog kennel options, we provide outdoor activity for every dog, every day. We truly offer “a Holiday for your Dog.”

Luxury Private Suites

At Dogdayz, we believe in providing a five-star experience at our dog boarding kennels. Every client dog receives the same high level of care and individual attention, but we understand some dogs (and their owners!) appreciate that extra touch of luxury. That’s why we offer luxury private suites with separate sunny courtyards and play spaces. We invite you and your dog to inspect our kennel facilities by contacting us to arrange a personal tour.

Outdoor Adventures

Let your dog experience the Dogdayz difference with daily supervised, stimulating activities. Whether it’s a run in the field, a peaceful stroll and nap in the orchard, or a refreshing dip in the plunge pool, your dog will find engaging facilities and open spaces to enjoy at Dogdayz.
(Facilities vary depending on which Dogdayz facility your dog attends.)

Daily Hugs. Daily Health

At Dogdayz, we believe in providing individual hands-on daily attention to every dog in our care. Our staff combine expert professionalism with a genuine love for the dogs they look after. Monitoring the health of every dog, every day is an essential part of our service. We also have a nearby vet who regularly visits to ensure the wellbeing of our furry guests. If you have a special-needs dog, rest assured that they are in good hands with our experienced staff. Our hands-on health checks ensure that dogs stay in tip-top shape.


When it comes to minding your dog, Dogdayz is dedicated to providing the loving care and attention that will make their experience safe, enjoyable, and truly memorable. We pride ourselves on being among the finest dog kennels in Melbourne, and we warmly invite you to consider The Dogdayz Experience.


Ready to learn more? Enquire now for more information, and our friendly team will be happy to assist you. We can’t wait to provide your beloved pet with the care, attention, and love they deserve.


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