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Pet Transport near Bulleen

Our dedicated teams also offers pet transport in Bulleen. For your convenience we can transport to and from your home or business from Monday to Saturday. Fees vary with travel time and distance.

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Have you adopted a dog or selected a puppy from a breeder and need to get it home?

Are you unable to care for your dog right now and need help getting it into great care?

Dogdayz offers essential dog transport from your place to ours, and from any location to you if you cannot do it yourself.

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Pet Transport and COVID-19

COVID-19 is a challenge for us all in so many ways – one particularly difficult task may be arranging safe dog transport from one location to another.

Dogdayz can help with safe and secure pet transport observing full COVID-19 precautions and protocol.

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What COVID-19 precautions are used?

All Dogdayz Pet Transport vans are disinfected before and after completing a trip. Our staff travel with sanitiser, which is applied regularly throughout the trip, and wear a face mask when interacting with others.

Clients are contacted via phone on arrival, at which time appropriate measures are discussed to safely transfer the dog - usually as simple as the owner attaching our lead and passing across to us.

Can dogs transmit COVID-19 to humans?

While dogs are not carriers of the COVID-19 coronavirus there is some chance they may carry traces of the virus on their coats, collars etc.

As a precaution, wash or sanitise your hands after patting your dog and especially if others have been patting also. At Dogdayz we use veterinary-grade F10 viricidal disinfectant to lightly spray incoming dogs. (Yes, it is perfectly safe to use on dogs).

Dogdayz Staff

Our transport vans are operated only by our own drivers, qualified in animal handling, so you can be assured that your dog is in safe hands throughout the journey from beginning to end. Anywhere in Melbourne, we can help with reliable pet transport.

Dogdayz Vehicles

Our pet transport vans are easily recognisable so you can be confident that your dog is in good hands throughout – handled only by our experienced professional staff.

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