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Doggie Daycare near Croydon North

Our Dog Daycare Program offers a day full of activity and social engagement, the opportunity to socialise with other dogs, and even a bath or groom if requested. Accessible from Croydon North and with transport available, our dog daycare program ensures a wonderful day for your dog.

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A home away from home

Wide open spaces for your dog to enjoy the great outdoors, plus plenty of human affection, on the days that you have limited time. Daycare for dogs is open between – 8am to 4.30pm. Pricing varies based on location. Enquire now!

A Dog’s Day Out

A safe, secure environment for your dog to enjoy the company of other guests, under constant supervision. Loads of toys, play equipment and games, plus one-on-one time with our staff. And no chance to get bored with so much to do! Visit our doggy daycare Melbourne and see it for yourself!

The personal touch

Professional, loving staff who attend to your dog's every need. A health check in the morning (and patting session!) to get to know your dog, plus constant interaction throughout the day. Cuddle sessions free of charge are an essential part of the service.