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Grooming near Oakleigh

Our resident groomers are outstanding in their profession. You can have your dog groomed whilst staying in our care – or come in for ‘groom only’ (with optional play-day at no additional charge).

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Professional Groom Onsite

Services such as pet grooming in Melbourne will consist of a professional groom which includes coat brush and matt removal, a trim to tidy feet, face and rear plus a bath to cleanse the coat and skin. Pricing varies based on your dog’s requirements so please enquire now for more details.

Play Day included

For clients coming to any Dogdayz site, we offer a complimentary play-day. That is – your dog can enjoy the company of new friends in the morning, followed by a groom in the afternoon – at no extra cost.

Specialised Groom

Our highly trained groomers can give your dog the style that suits you best. A specific breed cut, like a traditional Schnauzer or Poodle, or perhaps a teddy bear style.

Maintenance Groom

A maintenance groom (or “coat strip”) includes removal of matting and excess coat, plus a bath, and helps protect the health of your dog’s coat and skin.

Just a touch up please

We can help maintain the general health and comfort of your dog through trimming their nails or tidying around their face, paws or tummy. A small fee applies depending on the breed of your dog – enquire now for pricing information.

Other services we offer in Oakleigh include

IMPORTANT COVID-19 UPDATE: Dogdayz continues to offer their essential services. Read more here.
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