Wedding Dogs!

Wedding Dogs!


It’s a growing trend among dog-lovers in Melbourne and everywhere else: bringing their much-loved dogs to their wedding.


Dogs, being part of the family (of course!) can add a winning presence to the wedding ceremony or other parts of the Big Day.


So how to make it happen?


Better not to leave it to be the responsibility of family or the Wedding Party – just too many things to go wrong.


Dogdayz now offers a complete Wedding Dog service, tailored to the needs of brides and grooms: dog-minding prior to the wedding, grooming and bathing, transport to and from the wedding and discreetly managing the dog through the wedding ceremony, wedding photographs or whatever else required.


When Maxie (or Bella-boots) has played his/her part to perfection it’s back to Dogdayz for a meal and a welcome rest – and maybe a further holiday while the family are away.


Of course, other family members may require dog-accommodation or day-care on the occasion. Dogdayz can handle it all: just phone or email to one of our three Melbourne locations.