Working from home? Boredom Buster idea #1

Working from home? Boredom Buster idea #1

Home has become the new workplace for families, and in these difficult times, important work must continue regardless of the space available. Conference calls, video meetings and school-from-home have become the norm.

As a result, we have all enjoyed the hilarious Bloopers that are circulating on social media, with Rover joining meetings in unexpected ways! But the novelty soon wears off – the reality is that there are times when distraction is not an option, and you may not have time to entertain your dog.

A simple Boredom Buster to provide your dog with a distraction (and to give you some peace) is a treat bottle. This toy encourages your dog to get moving whilst using their problem-solving skills using up twice the amount of energy. It is simple to make, inexpensive, and Nacho loved it!

See our Boredom Buster instructional video below:

And remember, we are here to help with Dog Daycare and Overnight Adventures to give your dog the exercise and stimulation they need to really relax at home.