Doggie Daycare

Dog Daycare

When you are not home does your dog perhaps become bored or anxious? A mid-week outdoor adventure may be just what your dog needs. Our Dog Daycare Program offers a day full of activity and social engagement, the opportunity for supervised play with other dogs, and even a bath or groom if requested.

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A day of adventure

A safe, secure environment for your dog to enjoy the company of other guests, under constant supervision. Loads of toys, play equipment and games, plus one-on-one time with our staff. And no chance to get bored with so much to do!

Daycare is open Monday to Saturday from 8.30am to 4.30pm.


Current pricing:

Daycare starts from just $34 per day



The personal touch

Every activity overseen by professional, loving staff who attend to your dogs every need – constant attention throughout the day. After a morning play we have our structured rest time so that your dog is ready to go again in the afternoon! Cuddle sessions free of charge are an essential part of the service.

A home away from home

Wide open spaces for your dog to enjoy the great outdoors – but also cozy areas to rest and recharge. Plenty of human affection while your dog is away from you.

Dogs’ Day Out current pick-up locations :

Meeting times:

7.15 am /  5.30 pm

7.45 am / 5.00 pm

8.15 am / 4.30 pm

  • Ashburton Park, Ashburton
  • Fritsch Holzer Park, Hawthorn E
  • Heidelberg Park, Heidelberg
  • RHL Sparks Reserve, Box Hill S
  • Aranga Reserve, Donvale
  • Eltham Lower Park, Eltham
  • Lewis Park, Knox
  • Liverpool Rd Retarding Basin
  • Eastfield Park, Croydon


ChargesDogs Day Out includes transport both ways:

Small dogs (to Terrier size)—$60

Medium/Large (e.g. Labrador, Beagle)—$70 – $80

XXL (Mastiff, Wolfhound etc.)—$90


– Bookings must be paid and confirmed in advance
– Current C5 vaccination must be shown when booking
– All dogs must be reliably sociable. (Dogdayz absolutely reserves the right to decline any dog.)


Daycare activities :

Daily Timetable (sample only. Each meeting location will have slightly different times)

  • 07:30am – We meet you and your dog/s at a nearby meeting location. All aboard the Dogdayz bus!
  • 09:30am – Arrive at Dogdayz Country Club in Warrandyte for a day of fun and social exercise.
  • 12:00pm – Midday rest time: recharge ready for the afternoon.
  • 01:00pm – More games: frisbees, gym balls, a dip in the pool or maybe a garden stroll for the ‘oldies’.
  • 04:00pm – Back on the bus and heading for home.
  • 5:00—5:30pm – We meet you back at your chosen location (‘What a day I’ve had.’)

Orchard Runs

A crowd favourite, our guests get to run and be dogs, chasing each other and dashing through our lemon orchard.

Plunge Pool

Is your dog ready to take the plunge? Our pool is a hit on a warm day and has safe access to/from the water’s edge. Smaller dogs don’t fear, we have a number of paddle pools for you to splash around in!


A fun game of frisbee to keep dogs active and focused!

Bubble Popping & Gym Ball Herding

Almost every dog loves to chase bubbles, it makes for some great photos and everyone has a ball getting involved!

And we have a number of large Gym Balls on hand for dogs that love to chase, herd and score a goal!

River Swims

Available during the warmer months to dogs with proven recall. Warrandyte Dogdayz own riverside location—private and secure.

Why choose Dogdayz when it comes to minding your dog?

Leaving your dog with somebody else is an act of trust. Our commitment is to be in every way worthy of that trust, making your dog’s holiday safe and truly memorable. We pride ourselves in being amongst the very finest dog kennels and dog daycare’s centres Melbourne has to offer. We invite you to consider The Dogdayz Experience.

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Our clients say…


“Thank-you so much to Tamika and staff at Silvan, Banjo was so well cared for. He came home soooo happy and totally exhausted after much much exercise and socialisation with his doggy pals.”

Larissa J


“I just want to thank, and continue thanking all the wonderful staff at Dogdayz Toolern Vale for their continuing love and care for my furbaby, Frankie. Frankie currently does every second Tuesday with the guys here and comes home happily exhausted. I could not rate the lovely staff and this establishment more highly!”

Shae M


“My dog Ollie has stayed at Dogdayz Silvan and Warrandyte and always seems happy and nicely tired after his stays there. I love that they have access to outdoors, and I really can’t imagine how any kennel wouldn’t allow them that (or make you pay extra for 30 minutes!).”

Hannah S

Like To Know More?

Contact us via email or phone, also to arrange an inspection tour for you and your dogs.


77 Tills Drive, Warrandyte VIC, 3113
9844 3292

Toolern Vale

1395 Holden Rd, Toolern Vale VIC 3337
9746 1422


161 Monbulk-Seville Rd, Silvan VIC 3795
9737 9530

September School Holidays: Already partly booked out – please enquire now.
Christmas/New Years: All sites fully booked over Christmas and into the first week of January. Limited places available before and after.

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