Dogdayz Pricing

Dogdayz Pricing

Pricing is important, and so is value. We provide the highest standard to every dog in our care, inclusive of all aspects of individual attention and our social activity program – for every dog, every day.




  • Daily exercise and socialisation.
  • Adventure and The Great Outdoors.
  • Inviting and comfortable accommodation.
  • Individual attention and ‘cuddle time’ – for all.
  • Health check daily. Vet weekly.




Our rates vary with size and breed, with peak or non-peak times and also between our three sites based on proximity to central Melbourne.

Whether it is for dog daycare, dog boarding, or any of our other services, get in touch: we will be pleased to give a reliable estimate for your dog to enjoy a complete holiday with Dogdayz.



77 Tills Drive, Warrandyte VIC, 3113 9844 3292

Toolern Vale

1395 Holden Rd, Toolern Vale VIC 3337 9746 1422

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