Frequently Asked Questions

Here we’ve complied a list of the most frequently asked questions

Who will be caring for my dog?


A very important question! – Because it all comes down to the quality of the people caring for your loved pets. The key to our service at Dogdayz is the empathy, dedication and professionalism of our staff. You can learn more about our staff here.


But is Dogdayz a better option than boarding my dog in a private home?


When Dogdayz take responsibility to care for your dog, it is not a part-time venture – it is our commitment to professional care 24/7. This means fully-supervised social activity and exercise throughout the day and a safe, secure environment at all times. It means constant care by experienced staff alert to the wellbeing and health needs of your dog. It means regular weekly vet checks and monitored compliance with the relevant industry Code of Practice. You won’t get that from a casual gig-based dog-minding service. The reputation of Dogdayz, established over 20 years in current ownership, is your assurance.​

What do I need to bring when my dog comes to Dogdayz?

Our daily rate covers everything that your dog needs for a great holiday – comfortable accommodation and a warm clean bed, loads of exercise and a healthy diet. There is no need to bring bedding or toys. You are welcome to bring along a body jacket for day-wear in the colder months (but be assured the kennels are warm and snug). Also bring along any necessary medications, with clear instructions. Please discuss any special dietary needs with our staff when booking.

What are your opening hours?

Inspections can be arranged by appointment at any appropriate time.

Check-In and Check-Out  hours are:

Monday to Saturday: 8:30am – 10:00am, and 3:30pm to 4:30pm.   We work through Sunday’s but are closed to the Public.

Why the limited hours? Our primary responsibility is to be available to the dogs in our care. We can make special arrangements to open at other times if absolutely necessary.

Is it necessary for my dog to be vaccinated?

We cannot take any dog that is not currently vaccinated annually to the C5 level which is the usual and optimal veterinary standard. C5 covers distemper, hepatitis and parvovirus as well as parainfluenza and bordetella bronchiseptica (these last two comprising ‘KENNEL COUGH’ or Canine Respiratory Infection – CRI). Current veterinary consensus is that, whilst vaccination for the first three of these pathogens can confer coverage for a period of three years, the CRI component needs to be repeated annually.

What is the risk of 'KENNEL COUGH'?

‘KENNEL COUGH’ is a popular term but is actually misleading. Canine Respiratory Infection (CRI) is no more likely to be contracted at a well-run kennel than elsewhere. In this way, CRI is similar to human colds and flu, and the best prevention is current C5 vaccination, which we absolutely require for all dogs coming to Dogdayz.

It is important to note that the vaccination, whilst very effective, does not eliminate all possible risk. Mutant and variant strains of the virus can occur. It is very rare for CRI /kennel cough to occur at Dogdayz and we take rigorous precautions always. In the event that a dog shows even slight symptoms, we take immediate action to treat and provide care quite separate from others, thus minimising impact. The good news for vaccinated dogs: even with variant strains, the vaccination still confers some level of immunity so symptoms tend to be mild and will generally pass in about a week.

Do you have a fireplan?

Absolutely. All three locations are well rehearsed and well-equipped in the event of fire in the locality. Evacuation, even with apparently timely warning, would be an extremely risky option when it involves loading and transporting several animals, potentially congested roads in a fire situation, especially given the uncertainty and unpredictability of fire-movements.

Our fireplan is based on a strategy of Prepare. Equip. Defend. to keep both dogs and staff secure and safe on site.  At all three Dogdayz boarding kennels we plan for it, we prepare for it. The safety of your dog and our staff is our absolute priority.

Will my dog fret when I leave?

It’s an interesting and proven characteristic of the canine-brain: dogs really do live in the moment. Their sense of time is not such that they ‘count the days’ and a short time or a long time seems all the same to a dog’s perception. Though they form strong emotional bonds with owners and the home environment, they do not, as humans do, hold these things in their memory when the stimulus of their presence is not there to remind them. As a result, most dogs coming to us adapt to their new circumstances relatively smoothly. They appreciate the opportunity to socialise with other dogs in a stimulating environment. Of course a few are naturally a little more timid or anxious than others – so we take the time to give them lots of reassuring attention, lots of pats and cuddles – and it works! At Dogdayz, we take the time to get to know every guest and to meet their individual needs.

Of course, even though your dog will not be ‘counting the days’, when they see you again, irrespective of how short or how long the time has been, it will all come back to them. You will see their joy.

Well, maybe it’s me that will be upset!

Hmm.. maybe – but we don’t want you to fret either. It’s never easy leaving your special  friend but choosing the right place will go a long way towards providing reassurance – and of course you are welcome to keep in touch while you are away. (We are pleased to send pictures and provide updates too.)

How much will it cost?

Our prices vary according to breed, dog size and temperament, and peak charges apply at relevant times. They also vary between Dogdayz sites based on location and proximity to central Melbourne. To cover off on these variables, and to be sure we fully understand your needs, just give us a call. We will be pleased to quote you a fair-value price.

Can I opt for a ‘gold standard’ of care?

It is an article of faith at Dogdayz that all dogs receive the same high standard of care – all  first class, all fair value. This means all dogs get ample daily exercise, daily individual attention, daily health checks, patting time and weekly vet checks. That said, some of our apartments are more extensively appointed than the average and come with a private yard. You are welcome to call and inspect and discuss what you would like for your dog.

Is veterinary care available?

Yes. Not only do we have experienced local vets available on call, we also have a vet visiting each week to ensure the health of all our guests. If a significant health issue should arise, our practice is to contact the dog’s owner(s) and the dog’s regular vet where possible, and to act in the dog’s best interest as guided by vet’s advice.

Will my dog be exercised?

You bet! As mentioned elsewhere, all guests have regular active off-lead, social interaction under the close supervision of our professional staff. We ensure that this is appropriate for each dog’s size, age and temperament as well. We do not charge for exercise as an ‘extra’. In our view it is something all dogs deserve, every day.

Do you provide pick-up and delivery?

Yes. We can arrange to collect and deliver your dog to your door at a pre-arranged time. Additional charges apply for this service—please ask for pricing when speaking with our staff.

Can you bath or groom my dog?

Yes. Guests staying for 10 days or more usually receive a complimentary bath before going home. (Conditions apply.) Dogs can also be bathed on request during a shorter stay, and full professional grooming services are also available. Additional charges do apply for these services—please ask for pricing when speaking with our staff.

Is there a minimum period required for bookings?

No minimum applies to bookings outside peak times. Over the Christmas/New Year peak period a minimum of 7 days applies. Over Easter: 6 days.

Can I keep in touch with my dog while I am away?


Absolutely you can! We are happy to update in response to your enquiries throughout the stay and send photos when opportunity arises. You can also follow us on Facebook for the latest updates.


Why choose Dogdayz when it comes to minding your dog?

Leaving your dog with somebody else is an act of trust. Our commitment is to be in every way worthy of that trust, making your dog’s holiday safe and truly memorable. We invite you to consider The Dogdayz Experience.

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