Kennel Cough: Who's to Blame?

Kennel Cough: Who's to Blame?

…Well no-one really – provided you and your appointed kennel, dog-minder, day-care etc. are careful in ensuring that vaccinations are kept up-to-date.

At Dogdayz we are rigorous at looking for and responding to ‘Kennel Cough’ – or more accurately Canine Cough. We see it occasionally. We have last week identified several cases at Toolern Vale, a similar number at Silvan and, several now at Warrandyte.

ALL dogs were of course fully vaccinated.

Clearly, a respiratory infection (possibly a new strain?) is going around – and ‘KENNEL COUGH’ IS NOT LIMITED TO KENNELS. It is equally likely to be first seen in private homes, including yours. We know from our clients that this is now happening.

Canine/Kennel Cough is NOT AT ALL DUE TO HYGIENE CONDITIONS of any given location: it is passed between individuals exactly as a cold passes between children at school, childcare or home.

What makes things especially tricky in the case of Canine Cough is that it can be communicated before any symptoms are apparent.

If your dog is fully and currently vaccinated (should be!) – take heart: Whilst vaccinated dogs are not absolutely immune from infection, the vaccine usually ensures that any symptoms are relatively mild and pass in about ten days – even without treatment. The dogs remain otherwise in apparent good health.

So – VETERINARY TREATMENT MAY NOT BE NECESSARY, depending on the severity of symptoms: but if your dog is looking obviously ill, or is running a temperature, a vet’s opinion will be needed.