What are the differences between Dog Boarding and Pet Sitting?

What are the differences between Dog Boarding and Pet Sitting?

Finding great care for your precious dog can seem challenging, and it may be helpful to compare the two main services available – dog boarding and pet sitting. Both services involve taking care of your pet when you cannot, but there are key differences between the two:



Dog Boarding: Dogs are taken to a specific facility, securely designed for boarding multiple dogs. These adhere to strict health and safety guidelines, governed by local councils.


Pet Sitting: The pet sitter comes to the pet owner’s home to spend time with the pets (or they may take pets into their own home, though it is difficult to get council permission for this).




Dog Boarding: Pets are often placed in a communal environment with other dogs. This will include scheduled playtime, walks, and feeding times with professionally trained staff.


Pet Sitting: Pets remain in a home, maintaining their routine and surroundings. The pet sitter visits to feed, walk, and provide companionship, and this may be multiple times depending on the package purchased.


Individual Attention:

nullDog Boarding: Some facilities provide more one-on-one time, while others focus on group activities, depending on the dog’s needs. Carers are typically onsite 24 hours a day.


Pet Sitting: Generally, pets receive individualized attention for the duration of the visit paid for, and the number of visits booked for the day.


Stress Level:

Dog Boarding: Most dogs thrive with the social aspect of being around other animals, however there are those that find being in a new environment with other dogs stressful.


Pet Sitting: Pets may be more comfortable when they remain in a familiar setting, however for many pets spending long periods unattended can cause stress, and lead to destructive behaviour.



Dog Boarding: Suitable for both short-term and long-term stays, depending on the facility.


Pet Sitting: Typically used for shorter durations for clients who prefer their pets to stay at home, though long term arrangements can be made.



Dog Boarding: Costs vary based on location and size of dog, and some facilities may charge additional fees for extra services or special care.


Pet Sitting: Costs can also vary, and pet sitting services may include additional tasks such as bringing in the mail, watering plants, etc.


Ultimately, the choice between dog boarding and pet sitting depends on the preferences and needs of both the pet owner and the pet. Some pets thrive in a boarding environment, while others prefer the comfort of their own home with a dedicated pet sitter. Be sure to research both options thoroughly, and make time to tour any accommodation or meet any pet sitter before you make a final decision.